Halal Holidays Packages

Halal Holidays means to facilitate Muslims to make a trip according to Islamic Sharia Law. Looking to travel in style while sticking to your Muslim lifestyle? Halal holidays was created to make Muslim holidays or Islamic holidays a truly unique experience. We are here to guide you through the options available which will make your holidays experience unforgettable and proper halal.

Halal Holidays has recently become an increasingly popular within the travel and holiday industry. Travelling to a non-Muslim country has, in the past provided barriers to many Muslim travelers, whether it is finding halal food, avoiding non-Islamic activities, or sourcing private facilities. It is not easy for a Muslim to laze on an idyllic beach in Thailand whilst maintaining their modesty, or to visit Vietnam whilst avoiding pork products in restaurants. The researching of destinations can often feel long-winded and daunting. However, with the hand-picked selection of the world’s most elegant resorts, Muslims can rest assured their halal friendly needs are met.


Oman and The Emirates

At the crossroads of the world, Oman and The United Arab Emirates are where unequalled luxury meets warm hospitality with deserts to oceans and skyscrapers in between.


Exotic Mauritius has so much to offer, from beautiful beaches to exquisite cuisine and intriguing cultures. Embrace utter luxury on this paradise island and indulge your every whim on a tailormade halal friendly journey.


Indonesia’s most famous islands of Bali and Lombok are filled with beautiful bays, warm waters and cultural connotations that makes your Indonesian journey all the more special.


Truly unique, luxurious Singapore has it all, from delicious halal cuisine to family friendly experiences. Singapore is the perfect place from which to start or end your journeys around fascinating South East Asia.

The Seychelles

Our hand-picked halal friendly Seychelloise villas are the crème de la crème of decadent luxury, where you will find your own cocoon to explore the abundance of beauty on these unique islands.

The Maldives

The pinnacle of luxury destinations where one can idle their time away in the tropical sunshine, partnered with a close one, a book that's been waiting to be read or simply a place to switch off from the rest of the world.