Touching Piece Of Paradise ( Umrah )

I recognize and understand that as far as my belief is concerned, ALLAH is All-Knowing and All-Aware. Thus, if I offer a prayer to ALLAH at any time or in any place, He will be fully aware of it. However, there is that indescribable “kick” that consists of being in Makkah and offering prayer to ALLAH at the same time.

When I start thinking of Umrah, First I searched the Umrah Packages online through google, Google gave me alot of options for Umrah Packages from UK, I went through on all Umrah Packages one by one, Where I got many options like " 3star Umrah Package, 4star Umrah package and 5star Umrah Package, Trust me these stars doesnt matter for me, As my main concern is only to Perfom Umrah infront of my great Allah Almighty. 

All Umrah Packages having different rates and different hotels in Makkah and Madina, Few Umrah Packages having good deals and few of them is only having short information and asking for call us only.

Umrah Package which I confirm was 3star package and having 5days in Makkah and 5days in Madinah. For me all Umrah packages prices are not worth. My concenern to select any Umrah package with good rate and hotels near to Haram and Masji-e-Nabvi. 

Performing Umrah Is Just to touch a piece of Paradise, It gives piece of mind & heart, Belive on ALLAH becomes more powerful and feel confident to chose a part of truth, prosperity and strong believe on ALLAH.


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