Go-Makkah has a commitment to provide the best service available in this industry which has unfortunately developed reputation of not delivering the contracted package and often miss-selling hotels in particular.

Go-Makkah will tailor a package to your specific requirements – dates of travel, quality of hotels and the number of days you wish to spend in the each holy city – considering the fact that most pilgrims on their first visit to the house of Allah SWT. Go-Makkah will take care of all your travel needs and leave you to concentrate on the prime purpose of your visit – Ibadah to the creator.

Go-Makkah will assist you through the whole process, from the beginning of choosing the right package to suit your needs and budget to getting the visa stamped on your passport to proceed to the house of Allah SWT.

Go-Makkah will guide you through the process of “How to perform Umrah” and will provide you with the booklet to take you through the rituals.

Our appointed driver will meet you at Jeddah (or Madinah) airport to take you to the booked hotel in a luxury car allocated to your family alone – no sharing. We will provide you with a written itinerary clearly showing you the booking of hotels with reservations numbers and contact numbers in case of any difficulty at the check in.

Go-Makkah will see throughout the visit that you are comfortable and will be at the end of the telephone line to assist where and when required.

All our Umrah packages are subject to our terms and conditions.. Kindly find a few minutes to go through the text to avoid any mis-understanding at a later stage