Full 4* Marwa Package

Full 4* Marwa Package

Full 4* Marwa Package

Madina Hotel: 4* SAJA HOTEL

Price starting from: £ 6200 / Per Person

Package Includes:

  • Hajj Visa
  • Flights
  • Qurbani
  • Special A/C camps in ARAFAT & MINA
  • Half board meals throughout the journey
  • Guidance with our experience staff and Aalim throughout the journey.
  • Hajj Pack

23 Nights Package (9 Nights in Madinah & 14 Nights in Makkah)

  • £ 6400 per person Quad room sharing 
  • £ 6950 per person Triple room sharing 
  • £ 8100 per person Double room sharing

19 Nights Package (5 Nights in Madinah & 14 Nights in Makkah)

  • £ 6200 per person Quad room sharing 
  • £ 6700 per person Triple room sharing
  • £ 7800 per person Double room sharing


Itinerary for 19 Nights Package 

(23 Nights Package will depart London/Manchester 23rd July)


27 July - Depart from London to Madinah

Depart from London/Manchester to Madinah, stay for 5 nights in 4* SAJA Hotel (Half Board).

madinah madinah

madinah madinah

02 Aug - Depart from Madinah to Makkah

Depart from Madinah to Makkah by A/C coach and stay for 14 nights in 4* ELAF AL MASHAER Hotel (Half Board).

makkah makkah

makkah makkah

9th Dhul-Hijjah - After Fajar prayers leave for Arafat, stay till Maghrib then leave for Muzdallifah where we will stay overnight.

11 Aug - 10th Dhul-Hijjah

10th Dhul –Hijjah - After Fajar we will leave for Mina, rest a few hours then go for stoning of Jamarat (1st day of pelting), Qurbani will be arranged by us after stoning, and head for Makkah to perform Tawaf E Ziyarat stay overnight in our hotel and we head back to Mina via Jamarat (2nd day of pelting) on 12th Aug.

13 Aug - Leave for Jamarat

At Asar time leave for Jamarat (3rd day of pelting) then head to our hotel in Makkah.


16 Aug - Back Home

Depart Makkah head for Jeddah airport and fly back to London/Manchester (flight will leave 17th Aug early morning).

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