Go Makkah


Our Commitment to You

Go Makkah Ltd has been formed to take the guests of Al-Rahman to the places of Pilgrimage and places of inspiration that await you to boost your Imaan. Go-Makkah invite you to embark on a spiritual journey of discovery to the region which was chosen by Allah SWT to see the birth of our beloved Prophet Mohammad SAW.

Go Makkah Limited has been formed with an aim to set the highest standard in excellence of service and professional competence. GO MAKKAH promise to do everything humanly possible to translate your dream into reality when visiting the house of Ar-Rahman. In a world where Umrah and Hajj agents have become renowned for misrepresenting and all the horror stories you hear and read in the press, with the prosecutions by the Trading Standard and imprisonment of many fraudulent traders, Go-Makkah aims to provide you with the full package in writing and guaranteed, covered by ATOL.

Go Makkah will never compromise when it comes to the wellbeing of the pilgrims and we shall continue to fulfil our commitment to the role of your service provider on your journey to the two holiest places in the whole world

  • Masjid al Haram, Makkah
  • Masjid-e-Nabwee, Madina

Go Makkah will take care of all the logistics and leave you to concentrate on the purpose of your visit – Ibadah.

At Go Makkah, although a newly formed company has over Eight years of experience through our advisor and staff, in servicing the needs of pilgrims and ensuring they are well catered for during their Hajj or Umrah.

Go Makkah Guarantees you that we will never be beaten on the service and price. If a competitor quotes the same hotels and service at a lower price, we will match or offer a lower price.